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Electronic Manufacturing

RWC Technology offers a full range of Contract Electronic Manufacturing which includes, PCB Assembly, Wiring, Cables, Looms and final packaging and test.


The quality of our manufacturing is always our first priority at RWC Technology. 100% inspection is carried out at dedicated stages throughout production. Part or full testing is carried out to the customers specification when required.

Component Supply

We are happy to work with free issue components and also offer a part or full procurement service if required. This extends to full turnkey purchase of metal work, wiring, membranes, boxes etc. Our prices for procuring are competitive given the volumes that we regularly procure and we have very good contacts and suppliers base that we have built up over the years.

PCB Assembly

Printed circuit boards can be assembled using pick and place/reflow, wave soldering or hand soldering depending on the specific board design, quantity and the customer requirements. Assembly can be fully Rohs compliant if required alternatively leaded solders and non Rohs compliant parts can also be used if specified by the customer. No-clean fluxes are used in all soldering applications and either safe wash cleaning or conformal coating or both can be applied if required.


All aspects of electronic design can also be catered for within RWC Technology. The services offered can range from the simplest re-layout of an existing PCB, to the full design of a new product. Services include: concept / initial design, PCB layout, micro processor based firmware design, PC based bespoke operating software etc. A complete design package, from people you can talk to, that understand your needs.

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